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What we provide for you

Custom Residential Design

Sit down with our design team and create the home of your dreams. Create a fully customized home from scratch or choose from one of our hundreds of houses to start from. Homes are designed in 3d software to allow for client to truly visualize the home before construction ever begins.

Building Department Assistance

When taking a plan through the building department in Nevada, we guarantee its approval. We coordinate with your other hired design professionals and working with the building department officials to coordinate any corrections to get your plan approved. In other states we will work with the building department but due to limitations of distance we can only assist not guarantee.

Building Renderings

When working with HOA's or banks it is sometimes easier to communicate your dream home though renderings. Concept renderings allow anyone to visualize what your plan will look like and it will integrate into the existing neighborhood.

Full Architectural Construction Documents

Homes are created in 3d for visual assistance but also created in standard construction document format to allow for building department submittals. Architectural plans will include floorplans, elevations, sections, roof plan, electrical plans, architectural details & specifications

Coordinate with Other Professionals

To finalize plans for the building department other design professionals will need to get involved. This will sometimes include grading companies, structural engineers, soils companies, truss companies or mechanical engineers. With custom homes we as the designers will coordinate with these other professionals to assure everyone is on the same page.

Stock House Plans

If looking for a standard home to construct, go through our catalog of hundreds of pre designed homes. Each custom home designed gets added into our catalog and with designs from the past 15 years there should be something to suit your needs.